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Donate to The Conrad-Caldwell House

The Conrad-Caldwell House Museum is a non-profit with a diverse funding base; however, we are supported primarily by private tax-deductible donations. In other words, we rely on you.

Your donation will be put to work immediately and will help support The Conrad-Caldwell House Museum's mission of preservation and education.

Want to fund a specific project? Learn more about all the different projects you can help with below! 


Restoration of Tudor Revival Lozenge Glass Windows

Join us in preserving our historic house museum's legacy!


Your support is needed to restore four magnificent Tudor Revival Lozenge style windows in Grace Caldwell's Bedroom, nestled on the third floor of our iconic Richardsonian Romanesque mansion. These windows, installed by the Caldwell Family in 1906, showcase the finest Gothic and Tudor revival architecture of their time. Help us safeguard this unique piece of history and continue our commitment to preserving the innovative spirit of the decorative arts movement.

The four windows are in varying stages of deterioration primarily caused by the ongoing onslaught of weather and lack of proper maintenance in the past. The main steps of repair include first removing all four windows to assess the amount of damage incurred to the deteriorating wooden frames, then determining how much of the original structure can be preserved and replacing what cannot be salvaged. All leaded glass panels will be removed and restored separately while the frames are being repaired. Once the work is completed the panes will be returned to their frames, which will have been treated with wood preservative, and reinstalled and tested to ensure optimal performance regarding opening, closing, and locking.


Elaine Caldwell's Garden

"The love of gardening is a seed once sown that never dies."

An avid gardener, Elaine Caldwell served as the President of the American Park & Outdoor Art Association: Louisville Chapter. She, along with other prominent ladies in the neighborhood were instrumental in saving and preserving Central Park, which was the organization's primary focus. Additionally, the organization sought to teach the value of trees, shrubs, flowers, and fine lawns and stimulate public opinion as to their importance as a source of health and education. 

For a minimum donation of $25 you will receive a plant in your name planted in Elaine's Garden and will receive a card along with seeds from our gardens on Earth Day. 


To purchase, click the button below.  It will ask how many donations you would like to make and where to send the card.


In order to receive a card, donations must be made by Monday, April 7th, 2025.


Re-Housing Portrait of Candace Mixter Cadwell

The Conrad-Caldwell House Museum is seeking donations in conjunction to re-house the original portrait of Candace Mixter Cadwell!


The Conrad-Caldwell House Museum aims to raise $4,000 to return the portrait of William Caldwell's grandmother into a 3-D printed copy of her original frame, which once hung in the home's library.


The original portrait of Candace Mixter Cadwell was damaged during the 1974 tornado in Louisville when it resided in the home of Caldwell descendant Virginia Caldwell Welch. The portrait was restored, but the frame was destroyed beyond repair. Utilizing 3-D scanning and printing technology, The Conrad-Caldwell Museum will use funds from this campaign to scan an identical frame that houses a companion portrait of Candace Cadwell's husband Gordon Cadwell.


Then, we will reprint the frame and place the portrait of Candace Mixter Cadwell back in the original spot she resided in the home.

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