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    An Indoor Victorian Garden.   

Victorian Era Indoor Plants

Popular indoor plant varieties of the early 20th century.

Museum Tour

A self-guided museum tour is included!

activity handouts

Experience a bygone era with activity sheets to take home. These activities are designed for kids of all ages and are not only fun but educational!

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Outdoor plants came indoors on a large scale in the late 19th early 20th centuries. Plants were an easy way for Victorians to showcase their wealth within the comforts of their homes and allowed for their creativity to flourish. From June 8th-30th the self-guided experience An Indoor Victorian Garden returns to The Conrad-Caldwell House Museum. 


All three floors of the museum will be filled with plant varieties popular during the early 1900s. Visitors will be able to delve into the history of what made each variety popular, learn the language behind giving and receiving flowers, explore once considered exotic varieties in wardian cases, and learn what some Victorians chose to do with their fireplaces during the summer!"

This exhibit is included in the cost of Self-Guided Tour Admissions.

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